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Why to choose Luxury Holidays in Sardinia

by luxury on 12 December 2017
Why to choose Luxury Holidays in Sardinia

Sardinia is a magic land, the perfect place to experience your exclusive luxury holiday You have always dreamed of. We at Luxury Holidays in Sardinia work to make You happy: Your complete satisfaction is what sets us apart from the others, the passion for what we do is what makes the holiday at Luxury Holidays in Sardinia Villas an unique and unforgettable experience.

These are the values shared by the entire organization: from the shareholders to all the workers, as a large and close-knit family. With an international vision, Luxury Holidays in Sardinia internalizes a philosophy of attention to Your needs and to Your satisfaction. The methodological consistency in reaching the goals is accompanied by the good practice of believing in the work of the people, where every single human resource is the protagonist in the creation of the result. This is the purpose for which Luxury Holidays in Sardinia was born, and which every day carries on, with passion and dedication.

Luxury Holidays in Sardinia offers wonderful Villas equipped with all comforts in dream location like Santa Margherita di Pula, Cala Sinzias and Tertenia (click here for details of our Villas), and a wide range of amenities and services included in the price. The aim is to give You a fantastic tailored experience, without sacrificing the quality of the amenities that a hotel would offer.

Luxury Holidays in Sardinia is in fact the real alternative to hotels (click here for details): more privacy than at the hotel, without sacrificing the services that a hotel offers, with a level of relaxation impossible to find even in the best hotels. The Villas we offer meet the highest quality standards related to construction materials, energy efficiency, furniture and comforts. Luxury Holidays in Sardinia tends and worries about everything that home owners usually overlook.
This means that everything has been studied in minute detail. Starting from the large gardens made by garden designers and constantly cared for by talented gardeners. The layout of the rooms, arranged according to the solar cycle, allows you to live the Villa for most of the day without artificial light, and systems efficiency is guaranteed thanks to the work of the specialists of Luxury Holidays in Sardinia as well as those of electrical appliances class A, which You will find in all Villas. The openings (doors and windows) are designed according to the winds, in order to allow a perfect change of air in the Villa, to ensure a fresh and relaxing stay; also the presence of air conditioning with independently temperature regulation in all rooms guarantees a fresh holiday, while the comfortable mosquito nets ensure your comfort without the worry of insects.
The furnishings are designed by our team of designers and architects and built in the typical Sardinian style by highly skilled local craftsmen to provide the maximum comfort and usability. The bedrooms have beds with orthopedic slats, high quality mattresses, as well as orthopedic pillows with double wave structure to guarantee the correct position of the neck and then an optimal sleep; also sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads (as well as tablecloths, napkins and curtains) are the same as those found in the best luxury hotels.

All this (and more) is Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, a company which invests in its human resources in order to have a competent staff of high profile, and which invests in real estate and its related services, with the awareness to improve a fantastic island like Sardinia.

Now, You are lying in the fantastic beach of Cala Sinzias (or in the magnificent private beach of Villa I Pini), or relaxed in the veranda of Your Villa and at the same time You have at Your command, every desirable comfort and fun; You are sipping a fresh Vermentino under Your reserved beach umbrella at the Is Fradis Beach Club of Cala Sinzias, or You spiritually reborn with a cold beer in the bar of the Villa I Pini condo after a good tennis match with Your friend. The possibility of discovering new distractions, to live every moment full of sensations (as enjoy Yourself playing golf or riding a mountain bike, while Your children play safely in the Villa’s garden and Your wife reads a book in the sofa of the spacious and fresh veranda).
Enjoy the romantic sunset with Your partner in the beach lounger by the sea, drinking a refreshing cocktail while Your friends are preparing a barbecue in Your Villa.

This and more is what awaits You at the Villas of Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, to feel right at home and have fun as You wish. During Your stay we will be pleased to know You and to listen to You, we look forward to serving You with experience and discretion, to make sure that all You have to think about is only enjoy Your holiday as You want.

Our staff consists of professionals who live on the island, people proud of their land who want You to love it and live it intensely, and people who will offer You an unique and unforgettable experience of Sardinia.
Anyone who has been in the Villas of Luxury Holidays in Sardinia can’t wait to come back, to relive places, feelings and settings that made the experience in Sardinia unique, so exciting and sublime; returning to soak up the enthusiasm and warmth of the Sardinians, able to make every guest feel truly special. In the words of our guests, as Claudia from Germany who stayed in Villa Granito “…a perfect haven of rest, very clean, tastefully decorated, surrounded by nature, just a step away from the beach of white sand and turquoise waters.”. Or Danil from the Russian Federation, who stayed two weeks in Villa Granito “The villa is comfortable, well equipped with all facilities, with a great veranda where you can relax in the evening, an outdoor shower with hot water to rinse salt and sand after the beach before entering the villa, and a staff extremely helpful and very hospitable.” And more Mindaugas from Lithuania who stayed in Villa I Pini “Very beautiful and comfortable villa, set in a quiet and safe condo from where you can reach the private beach by bike or on foot..” as well as the Venturini Family from Italy, on holiday in Villa I Pini “Beautiful house, large spaces, garden where our children can play in peace and quiet. Everything is immersed in the scent of the pines.”

Luxury Holidays in Sardinia creates just the holiday you want, never forgetting our basic mission: excellence at all times. The holiday in Sardinia at our Villas offers you a sensational experience and total satisfaction, sheer freedom and absolute privacy, a wide range of activities and fun things to do, from outdoor sports to the pleasure of the most sophisticated dishes and an unique wine and food culture. Choose the holiday You’ve always dreamed of, choose Luxury Holidays in Sardinia and our service partners to discover the real Sardinia.

One of the strengths most appreciated, that You have already discovered during your first stay in our Villas, is given by the Villa Managers Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, available for any need 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. This is a another factor which is common with Luxury Holidays in Sardinia and hotels, with the difference that with Your Villa Manager You will have a direct contact person and above all, always the same person. This is a strength who distinguishes us from the hotels, whose staff alternates in shifts, providing customer service as a number and as an ordinary customer .
Your Villa Manager will serve You before Your arrival at the Villa, to Your check-out, with the passion and dedication that You deserve, to make Your holiday in Sardinia a dream experience. This means that You will be contacted prior to Your arrival in Sardinia, to know Your special requirements, such as services, information, doubts. He will serve You during Your vacation to give You the stay as you wish. And he will be ready to solve any unforeseen events not leaving You alone, as well as he will be ready to meet special requests.

For us at Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, You are not “numbers”, but You are special Guest with special needs and Your complete satisfaction is what distinguishes us from those who rent houses, who mostly You only meet to hand over the house keys, and they consider every request or call from the customer as an unforeseen problem or a hassle. This does not happen with Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, that thanks to its local Villa Managers who deeply love their land and their work, they are ready to solve Your problems, to meet Your requests and prove to You how much we care about You and to Your well-being.

The competence of the Villa Manager, is given by specific studies and his international experience, combined with the love of Sardinia and the knowledge of our wonderful island to make You live Your holiday in the best way. An added value for what concerns the information on the places (for example what to visit or where to eat a certain dish), events (such as festivals or festivities), products (where to find them, buy them or avoid them), routes (for example where to go to enjoy a certain product, which way to follow to have fun with Your Supercar, as well as churches or archaeological sites to visit in order to discover the beauty of Sardinia), the history and culture of our island.
And a wide range of knowledge and information that only a local is able to provide. And more he will advise You about our selection of wines, fruit, liquor or to offer You other services we provide in collaboration with our business partners, to discover and enjoy Sardinia. The Villa Manager will be present at Your check in and check out, as well as at the weekly cleaning service, and whenever You need.

For all this do not hesitate to contact him, he will be happy to answer You and meet your requests, and it will be an opportunity to prove his willingness and how much we at Luxury Holidays in Sardinia care about our Guests. You can easily call him with the GSM phone that You will find in the Villa, without having to use your phone number, or without having to pay steep international rates.

All this is Luxury Holidays in Sardinia.

Do not wait, contact us your holiday in Sardinia, with Luxury Holidays in Sardinia.


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