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The oldest Italian city is in Sardinia!

by luxury on 12 December 2017
The oldest Italian city is in Sardinia!

It was long known that Sardinia was one of the most ancient lands in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the first ones to emerge from its waters.

However recently a new evidence has been found which demonstrate that the ancient Sulky (nowadays called Sant’Antioco) is one of the first cities in the Mediterranean Sea and Italy.
Indeed it has been discovered an ancient ceramic amphora dating back to the Phoenician era (800 b.C.), during the excavations carried out in Cronicario by the Summer School of Archaeology, in Sant’Antioco centre. Today it can be certainty said that the ancient Sulky traded with the East, long before Rome was built; in 800 b.C. in Italy there were no towns, many urban centers in the west were built about 50 years later, around 750 b.C., when Sant’Antioco was already an important outpost and hub for commercial trade in the Mediterranean Sea.

One more reason to discover Sulcis area with your family or friends, with your Supercar (perhaps Ferrari or Maserati), beautiful roads will lead you to this wonderful town and its beautiful beaches, the oldest city in Italy just a few minutes from Villa I Pini, selected Villa in Santa Margherita of Pula.


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