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The best fresh fruit for your Holiday in Sardinia

by luxury on 12 December 2017
The best fresh fruit for your Holiday in Sardinia

Sardinia is a very fertile region where they grow different varieties of fruits and vegetables: products and unique flavors which characterize the Sardinian production. Luxury Holidays in Sardinia selects and provides for your holiday fruit of the best quality, ready to be tasted under the beach umbrella, or walking in the forests, or just relaxing in the veranda of your Villa.

Nature produces what we need at the right time: seasonal fruit with a richer flavor which keeps intact its organoleptic characteristics. For this, Luxury Holidays in Sardinia chooses quality natural products, fragrant and delicious. We provide our guests a wide selection of genuine products of our land, as well as certified organic fruit, and freshly picked imported products, ready to be savored during your holiday.
We select only the best products, from which the authentic flavors of the agricultural tradition come from. Eating fresh fruit means in fact savor products rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. Luxury Holidays in Sardinia take care of the choice of varieties, the origin of production and the nutritional aspect of the products, focusing on real flavors of our territory. Moreover Luxury Holidays in Sardinia guarantees quality and safety, through checks and accurate analysis of product healthiness, which do not contain pesticides or other allergens (according to the Italian Law 114 of 2006), and absolutely do not stem from genetically modified organisms.

During your vacation you can enjoy excellent apricots, rich in vitamin A and potassium, very important on summer to replace what your body lose through sweating, and also rich in carotene, essential for a rapid and lasting suntan. Or relax in the veranda of your Villa, while you savor the different Sardinian cherry qualities (like Tenalgia, small and very fragrant, Carruffale which grows in early season and it is bittersweet, or Furistera, sweet and crunchy).
For a refreshing summer, the quintessential summer fruit: watermelon, rich in water, perfect after a run or a refreshing swim, or to quench your thirst while you sunbathe on your beach lounger. Also watermelon (both in the striped variety and in the dark green one) is very rich in beta-carotene, so ideal for tanning, and mineral salts, useful when it’s hot. Ideal even as a refreshing aperitif: strawberries (cultivated from April to August), watermelon, pineapple, accompanied by a Champagne or a white wine selected by Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, in order to get the most of your summer, in your prefer Villa, after a year’s intensive work.

For a snack or a fresh and light lunch on the beach you can find several varieties of peaches and plums, available all summer thanks to early and late varieties that Luxury Holidays in Sardinia has selected for you. Among the best varieties of peaches there are the white-fleshed, which are very sweet, the yellow fleshed from May to September and also the Percoche, from September, with an incredibly juicy flesh, yellow and very crispy.

As for plums, from June you can taste the early yellow variety, the Santa Rosa on July and from august the variety called Diamante Nero, among the most juicy and flavorful. Rich in vitamin A, helpful to skin, nails and hair, plums are ideals against physical and mental weariness, and also rich in potassium which is very important to replenish, especially in summer. They are also particularly well suited to children, being rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, against fatigue due to the heat.

Since August you will find grapes, exclusively of the best quality called “Extra”, and among them the type Italia, probably the best grapes in the world, for taste, crispiness and the beauty of the bunch. Grapes come from different areas of Sardinia, places which recalls Mediterranean spaces rich in nature, culture, history, sun and seaside which will make of yours a dream holiday .
Grapes, ideal for a snack at any time, has an antioxidant general purpose, making your skin young and bright, an excellent remedy against skin dryness due to sea’s salt. Also, being rich in vitamin B6 helps in relaxing your nerves and improve your sleep, in order to enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

Figs among the best varieties like Rampellina, with big and sweet fruit, Monteleone with the black peel or the white variety (delicate in June and very sweet at the end of the summer ) which will give you the right energy to face the long and hot summer days. What is summer without melon? Consisting of 95% of water, and rich in minerals, melon is ideal during the summer heat for the freshness that release. Among the best varieties there are: Cantalupo, an early melon yellow orange fleshed, and winter melons, darker and white fleshed. Besides all this, apples, including Fuji variety, crispy and juicy, and also yellow apples such as Golden, which can be found from July, red apples like Royal, and more like Delicous and Renetta at the end of the season.

Our selection does not finish here, from November are also available sweet oranges such as Washington Navel, from January Washington variety and the latest oranges of the season as the variety Valencia, as well as many varieties of clementine and tangerine. And again, pears, Stanley plums (with yellow, black and purple peel and yellow fleshed ), Angeleno since October and many other products.

Check the home book out that you find in your Villa or ask your Villa Manager.


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