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Supercar & Sardinia

by luxury on 12 December 2017
Supercar & Sardinia

Sardinia is a perfect place for Supercars and sport cars since it is the theatre of some of the most beautiful time trials of the year like the Alghero-Scala Piccada and the Iglesias-Sant’Angelo.

Sardinia also hosts the annual World Rally Championship.

Between the coast and the hills there is a huge number of state roads, full of elevation changes and with an infinite type of curves, from the larger ones to the hairpin ones where the choice of trajectory is crucial to ensure a good speed distance.

The roads selected by Luxury Holidays in Sardinia to discovering Sardinia intersect breathtaking views where the spectacle of nature, sea and the strip of asphalt are intertwined in a mix of smells and sensations that make each tour a unique experience.

The size of the car (especially in the case of larger Supercars) could be an abstacle only in limited situations; many small towns have sprung up along the main roads, and sometimes the narrow streets between the houses require to pass one by one.

Discovering Sardinia driving a Supercar is a magical experience, whether you want to concentrate on driving or discover all the natural beauty and archaeological sites on the island; no matter what your passions are, we are able to offer a high level of customization to ensure the perfect driving experience to every Guest.

Experience the unique sensation of drving along Sardinia during your luxury holiday is very simple.

No matter how much time you want to dedicate to driving : we have selected the best avenues for your tours just a few minutes from our Villas.

Some tours last a few hours while others may last a whole day itineraries; along the road you will find several restaurants and Agritourisms with adequate parking areas for your Supercar.

Luxury Holidays in Sardinia selected Villas provide easy access and comfortable maneuvering space for supercars in order to allow the guests to be able to live their luxury holiday in Sardinia in total relax.

The Villas have at least one private parking space where you can keep your cars within the property; the parking space is always at the same level of the Villas (excluding Villa Panorama) to allow easy baggage loading and unloading for a luxury vacation without any trouble with Luxury Holidays in Sardinia!


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