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Relax in Tertenia

by luxury on 12 December 2017
Relax in Tertenia

In the south-east coast of Sardinia, in the Ogliastra area is located Tertenia, a real paradise of relax but also a rich area of opportunities to enjoy a holiday of emotions and wild adventure. The holiday at the Luxury Holidays in Sardinia Villas, located in Sarrala, in the Marina of Tertenia, will give you an unique experience, to discover places, flavours and ancient traditions. All Villas are easily reachable from Cagliari (by the new Strada Statale 125 var called Orientale Sarda) and are equipped with every comfort you need, giving you a high quality stay, so that during your visit, you can combine relaxation and tranquillity of your home, with the fun and experiences in the surrounding area.

During a holiday in Tertenia, so many opportunities to have fun and enjoy your holiday. From the Villas you can reach unique beaches such as those of the Marina of Tertenia and then discover in a few tens of kilometers all the wonderful beaches of the east coast of Sardinia. The Marina of Tertenia has an important landscape, dominated by granitic hills overlooking the sea, and the surrounding area with a strong agricultural and pastoral tradition. Tertenia offers a pristine and wild environment, with wonderful views and several beaches within a few minutes from each other: the ideal place for a relaxing holiday in the Villas Resort Tertenia.

Between Monte Ferru and Monte Arbu, in the most southerly area, the town of Tertenia is located in a valley, where there are all the necessary services, a town between sea and mountains, set in an area of great historical and naturalistic landscape. The territory of Tertenia has been inhabited since the Prehistoric Age, in fact traces of human settlements dating back to Neolithic period have been found throughout the area. As almost the whole Ogliastra area, also Tertenia offers very important archaeological riches, such as the remains of tombs of the giants and several Nuraghi, such as Nuraghe Aleri (which you can reach from Tertenia along the road which goes to the Marina of Tertenia towards the beach Foxi Manna), which testify that the history of this country has been active since ancient times. The artistic and cultural value of this area is also testified by the Civic Museum of Modern Art , which preserves the works of the great artist Albino Manca, a native of Tertenia, who assigned to his fellow citizens his works (bronzes, marbles, crete, medals, paintings, silver etc.), kept in his studio in New York where he spent most of his life.

The area of Tertenia is also renowned for the presence of many churches, as well as those in the town, of which only few ruins remain today in the countryside of the town : “Cappella e Sant’Elia” is definitely one of the oldest rural churches where today there are only the foundations and some perimeter walls, the Santa Lucia church of which today remains only some of the outer walls and even “Sa Cresia e su Guventu”. Furthermore, the church of San Nicola, where today remain only the foundations, in close proximity of which today there is a drinking water source called “S‟Abba de Santu Nicola”, the Sant’Ambrogio church, about 3 kilometers from the town and finally, not far from the latter, the San Marco church of which can be seen the outer walls.
The area of Tertenia can be considered a real jewel of Sardinia, characterized by a rich coastline of beautiful beaches still wild and out of the big summer holiday traffic. The latter feature is one of the most appreciated by our customers: in Tertenia you can peacefully enjoy the sea, furthermore the beaches are never crowded, even on August. Crystal clear waters, white beaches, relax oasis. The entire coast is composed of very clear and fine sand, water is surprisingly clear, and also presents the beautiful colour contrasts which make it a particularly attractive place. The seabed is not high, is thus suitable especially for the needs of families with children, but is also very popular with surfers, since the coast is often windswept.

In the area, a quiet and rather secluded beach not to miss is the beach called “Su Prettu”, very impressive and relaxing place. A beach made of sand and pebbles, peaceful and ideal place for those who are unpretentious and not looking for comfort and amenities found in other beaches. Another beautiful beach, although small certainly not just impressive, is Caletta Pagliuzze Dorate. Made up of grey pebbles, bathed by crystal-clear sea also rich in fragments of flecks of minerals that glow in the seabed, giving a peculiar and attractive feature to the beach.
The closest beaches to the Villas of the Villas Resort Tertenia are Foxi Manna beach with a strand of great extension consisting of white and golden sands, clear, fine and soft, rather shallow and sandy seabed with clear waters and brilliant blue colour, perfect for snorkelers and scuba divers; it is a very busy beach but it is also never crowded due to its big extension. The other one is Foxi Murdegu, 300 meters from the Villas, made up of clear amber, soft white sand with some pebbles and shells, transparent and brilliant waters of a very picturesque green color.

For water sports lovers, Ogliastra is definitely the ideal place, during the summer season are in fact active windsurfing and kitesurfing schools so that kids and adults will experience the thrill of riding the waves becoming carried away by the wind. In addition to the beaches of Marina di Tertenia, within twenty minutes you can reach hidden coves and beautiful beaches such as those in the Marina of Cardedu and Gairo, including Coccorocci or the beaches of the Marina of Barisardo, as Cea or Torre di Barì. You can also enjoy yourself discovering the beautiful beaches as Cala Goloritze, Cala Mariolu, Cala Luna, reachable in about half an hour driving from the Villas of the Villas Resort Tertenia, accessible via walking routes in the countryside that will carry you up to 800 meters above the sea level, and then down to the sea, with unique and beautiful landscapes. The famous coves are reachable by boat or raft from Santa Maria Navarrese or Arbatax.

For nature lovers it is possible to admire the beautiful scenery that the surrounding area offers thanks to excursions on horseback where to enjoy magnificent landscapes, from the beautiful oak forests to the flourishing Mediterranean vegetation, “Domus de Janas”, from different copper mines as the one of Santa Barbara, from “nuraghi” such as “Nastasi” to the cliffs overhanging the sea.
For trekking and hiking lovers the marina is the ideal destination to explore the charming local flora and fauna, where often you can see the golden eagle or even more rarely the Bonelli’s eagle. The inner part of the territory offers amazing sceneries thanks to a lush vegetation with holm oak forests of Monte Ferru that host several animal species such as wild boar, marten, wild cat, the Sardinian partridge and the raven.

Those who like hiking, should certainly not to miss the paths which allow you to enjoy the beautiful hills of Ogliastra, among the limestone hills that overlook the town and where you can see the evidence of the past time as the “Bau Arenas” mine, several narrow streets will bring you the top and enjoy a breath- taking view, mostly the neighbouring villages. Or another walking route allows you to start from the north part of the area, and thanks to more than 12 kilometers coast you can admire the rocks and beautiful bays such as those of “Su Brecconi” and the small promontory of “Is Ebas”.

Further south about 1 km far from the Villas of the Villas Resort Tertenia, between rocks and beaches there is the famous tower called Torre di San Giovanni, built in the second half of the eighteenth century in order to defence against Saracen invasions, which was place of several conquerors raids, including the most popular, the incursion the Saracens, in 1812, which was followed by the battle where the village of Tertenia won against conquerors. The tower is still in excellent conditions and offers a breathtaking panorama of the entire coast .

For those who have the passion of motorbike or loves to drive Fast Cars or Supercars, Ogliastra has an area which is one of the most fascinating and characteristic in Italy, the Ogliastra‟s Supramonte: a route between the beautiful Sardinian sea and the characteristics Sardinian mountains, where streets look like to have been painted to be driven by motorbike! Starting from Lotzorai and through the town of Villanova Strisaili you will get near the lake Flumendosa, crossing the impressive mountains, on a road with continuous curves and ups and downs, in the middle of a unique mountain scenery, the one of the mysterious mountains of eastern Sardinia. The route continues through the village of Gairo, and then into a canyon that has nothing to envy to those in the United States, along Osini, Jerzu and Ulassai where time seems to have stopped centuries ago. After you reach Jerzu, there is the town of Cardedu where you can see the coast and enjoy the magnificent panorama.

The territorial characteristics of Tertenia and its hinterland offer pleasant routes for mountain bike lovers, the extreme closeness of the sea and the mountains will offer road circuits that will dazzle visitors.
In order to enjoy the beauty of the area and its ancient traditions, throughout the year it is possible to experience the feasts of the surrounding villages, from the Feast of San Sebastiano, patron saint of Tertenia who is celebrated on January 20th, the feast of Corpus Christi June 13th, celebrated with a religious procession with traditional dresses, folk singing and horse parades. The feast of Santa Sofia celebrated on September 1st, is the most important holiday of the village, both from the religious point of view with Mass and procession with the simulacrum transportation up to the country church, and from the civil celebrations point of view, with folk events, Sardinian poets‟ songs and Sardinian dances.
Also a must the festival of the village (and the whole of Ogliastra) typical products , held in the first week of August: the typical products of the village are the protagonists with boiled or roasted mutton, cheese, “seadas”, “culurgionis”, wine and the bread, made according to an ancient tradition, among the oldest in the area. An artistic and handmade bread, by the skill and dexterity of the local women who work it expertly. Another product to be tasted in the area is definitely wine made from typical Cannonau grapes of the territory; Ogliastra‟s Cannonau which represents some peculiarities that substantially differentiate it from other wines is now defined by the wine literature, “the most Sardinian among wines”.

The holiday at Luxury Holidays in Sardinia Villas will give you an unforgettable experience, where you will be spoilt for choice on how you want to spend your vacation days. Choose to live Sardinia in contact with its ancient traditions and its magnificent natural beauty, to discover places and flavors, immersed in a paradise of fun and relax.

Do not wait, contact us for your Top Quality holiday in Sardinia, with Luxury Holidays in Sardinia.


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