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Lifestyle & Outdoor: a world of opportunities to live Sardinia

by luxury on 12 December 2017
Lifestyle & Outdoor: a world of opportunities to live Sardinia

Sardinia is the ideal destination for those who want to combine the passion for sport and leisure of a tourist location with the relax of a dream landscape. Surrounded by granite walls and wild paths, nature presents in the island landscapes ideal for a big variety of outdoor sports and a special scenery for those who prefer sports in the surrounding sea. Every sporting passion becomes a delightful and intense experience which confers special features typical of the holiday in Sardinia.

The island, with its huge green spaces of Mediterranean coastline rich in coves and crystal clear sea make this place a kind of “natural gym”. Therefore it is possible to combine fun, relaxation, sport and culture, with the possibility of carry out activities related to the sea such as sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. It is also possible to go canoeing or go kayaking along different paths selected by Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, as the area of the river Coghinas, and so enjoy the wonders of the Sardinian flora and fauna.
Sardinia with 1900 kilometers of coastline, it is definitely a paradise for those who love sea sports such as snorkeling, diving, underwater fishing thanks to the wonderful seabed, spread all over the coastlines. Such as the Island of La Maddalena particularly suitable to discover special fish species, through interesting marine excursions tours (with binoculars and underwater cameras) different kinds of fish, from small whales to sperm whales from sunfish to sea turtles, allowing you to capture a lot of fantastic moments.

The whole area of Villasimius is a paradise for those who love to explore the seabed, with the possibility of admiring the famous Relitto dei Tubi (Wreck of the tubes), the Madonna del Naufrago (The Holy Virgin of the Shipwrecked) of the sculptor Pinuccio Sciola, a stone statue more than 3 meters high which according to popular belief should commemorate the missing sailors. Besides these wrecks, by the sea transformed in colorful underwater gardens, during your holiday you can spot several marine species such as moray eels, octopus and sea bream. From November to April the sea urchin fishing is open, for an unique experience where fun is guaranteed and that allows you to taste the sea urchin, exquisite and intense at the same time, a taste that you will never forget.

Villasimius also gives the opportunity to participate in marine tours to discover the Area Marina Protetta di Capo Carbonara (Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara) which allows you to enjoy the sea breeze, to taste succulent fish dishes on board of a boat. Admire the colorful Sardinian backdrops and be amazed at the features of an unspoilt coast will make of your holiday an unique experience.
For golf lovers, in the island there are several possibilities: the green of Is Arenas, located in the territory of Narbolia and San Vero Milis in the center part of the island, with 18 holes literally surrounded by the lush Mediterranean vegetation and with a spectacular view of the sea. The Tanka Golf Club in Villasimius, close to the Villas of Castiadas, awarded in 2007 by the magazine “Il Mondo del Golf” as the best new green in Italy, with a wide view of the Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara, a few minutes driving from Casa Due Archi and Villa Granito.
Last, but not least, Is Molas Golf Club, with 27 holes, among the top ten golf clubs in Italy, located near Pula, a step away from Villa I Pini. Is Molas, thanks to its proximity to the sea and protected by the hills, offers an unique microclimate, mild and particularly suitable for golf all year round.
The greens and bunkers are American in size and style, while the fairways are broad enough to forgive a slice. The Is Molas Championship Course is considered one of the most technically satisfying and spectacular courses not just in Italy, but in the whole of the Mediterranean area. The nine holes of the Yellow Course, the most difficult to play, have been laid out by Franco Piras, Gary Player Design’s representative in Italy. The presence, along the course, of all the typical species of Sardinia’s native flora and the Mediterranean scrub makes the Is Molas Golf Club a beautiful garden with a view of the sea. The Club House is elegant and well-equipped: there is a bar with a panoramic terrace, a pro shop and a restaurant, which offers a creative Mediterranean cuisine based on local Sardinian products. It is possible to hire a cart, set of clubs and other equipment. Is Molas is also the seat of the Dan Williamson Academy, where golf lessons and courses can be booked. Contact your Villa Manager, and Luxury Holidays in Sardinia will handle your booking of the greens to get the most out of Your Luxury Holiday in Sardinia.

For wind lovers, the particular island exposure to the south winds and especially to the mistral allow you to practice both windsurfing and kitesurfing with spectacular waves which literally allow to fly over water. All beaches are suitable for waves lovers, although some, especially those swept by the mistral (in the website you can find a wide selection of beaches, with photos and peculiarities) are a real paradise of those who like kitesurfing and windsurfing.
The holiday in Sardinia can be also an opportunity to discover a wild territory immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation: Luxury Holidays in Sardinia select for you a lot of itineraries to discover the beautiful inland villages which still have many ancient traditions. Thanks to the diversified conformation of the island landscape, it is possible to engage in relaxing trips on mountain bike between coasts, sea and hills; starting from your Villa you can enjoy fabulous places and carry out at the same time varied paths, ideal for training.
The routes for mountain bikers are spread all over the territory, from the simplest ones to the most tortuous and demanding, from Gallura to Campidano, from Sulcis to Ogliastra, to immerse yourself in nature with pleasant and carefree rides which regenerate your body and your soul. Helped by the mild climate, cycling can be practiced in Sardinia all year round.

For those who love tennis or soccer, there are soccer fields and tennis courts within walking distance from the Villas, and in all areas of Sardinia, from the coast to the inland, courts and sports facilities are spread all over the island.

Discover the many naturalistic itineraries where besides the beauty of the sea, of its coasts with its wonderful backdrops, you will walk immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, among scents and colors worthy of your holiday. The possibilities are countless, from the Porto Conte Natural Park near Alghero to the Gennargentu Natural Park, and also the paths leading to the magnificent coves in Ogliastra (as Cala Luna, Cala Golorizè, Cala Sisine and many others).
Particularly beautiful are the areas one step away from the Luxury Holidays in Sardinia Villas: in Villasimius you can venture out to explore the two island called Isola dei Cavoli and Isola di Serpentara, or the entire Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara, immersed in the rich range and variety of plant life. While in the area of Pula there is the Park of Piscina Manna and inside the WWF reserve of Monte Arcosu: 4000 hectares of wild mountains consisting of a lush vegetation and populated by deer, fallow deer, wild boars, wild cats, golden eagles and peregrine falcons (there are also Tyrrhenian painted frogs and the Sardinian machaon, typical of Sardinia). Walking through narrow valleys crossed by streams and steep slopes will be an enchanting and relaxing experience.

The area of Castiadas has several fascinating routes, with scenic roads leading to the sea or to the wooded heart of the island, such as the mountain called Monte dei Sette Fratelli. Outoors type who enjoy hiking in these places can admire the different natural and unspoilt corners rich in natural springs, to cool off after a long but beautiful walk.
In addition to the nature, this area is rich in archaeological sites, ideal to combine a walk in the shade of oaks and junipers, with the discovery of places with an ancient history, like the Nuraghi, the tombs of the giants, the megalithic complex of Cuili Piras (near Costa Rei), consisting of 53 menhirs placed around a central circle of stones.
In many areas of the island, as Castiadas and Pula, where the ecosystem is still untouched, there is the possibility to enjoy with Horse Sharing: Sardinia in fact boasts a millenary tradition regarding horse breeding. Rides on the beaches, or along the ancient paths leading to the sea, or in the pine forests between eucalyptus trees, myrtle and helichrysum bushes, allow you to breathe the pure sea breeze of Sardinia.

The island has breathtaking views especially suitable to those who riding a motorbike want to combine an adrenaline rush with unique scenery, as the coastal road from Alghero to Bosa, or the east coast, the beautiful area of Villasimius and the entire southern coast of Sardinia. For those who love supercars and sports cars, Sardinia thanks to its breathtaking landscapes offers a wide range of roads selected by our staff to give you the opportunity to try different paths and enjoying the wonderful landscape, the cliffs, the natural coves and the lush Mediterranean scrub.
There is a great variety of routes, from very smooth roads with elevation changes, to many kinds of curves: from switchbacks to the larger ones, where you can enjoy the sound of the engine and tires outside leaning to the road. Luxury Holidays in Sardinia provides a highly personalized holiday, in order to ensure each Guest/Driver/Petrolhead an unforgettable experience, designed according to your needs and expectations. Enjoy an unique experience with Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, driving the car of your dreams: you will discover our fantastic island and have fun with your supercar, and then back to your Villa to enjoy the sunset with your family .

Sardinia, thanks to the mild climate, also allows you to train constantly for motocross, thanks to the different types of terrain, from hard ground tracks to those made of fine sand, and it is suitable for both novices and professionals. Luxury Holidays in Sardinia guarantees the booking of the tracks, so that you can achieve a high level of athletic training, and go back to your Villa to relax with your friends or your family.

Sardinia also has five water parks, located all over the island. The closest parks to our Villas are Diverland, located in Quartucciu (in the province of Cagliari, with a low distance from Casa Due Archi and Villa Granito) and Blufan near Pula (close to Villa I Pini). The latter, one step away from Villa I Pini, is a real paradise for children and adults (who can enjoy themselves in an extreme safety) ideal to have a good time with family and friends. Each year Blufan is rewarded in the “Waterpark Awards” rankings, for the best children’s entertainment with a rich program of activities and games studied for kids, and also for the animation for adults as foam parties, underwater treasure hunts and all kind of sports. There is also a special area, where you can drink a fresh cocktail or have lunch, lying down comfortably in your beach lounger at the poolside, but with the privacy and tranquility of a private area. Besides those in the province of Cagliari, there are three water parks more: one in Baja Sardinia near Olbia, another one in Sorso (close to Sassari) and finally a water park near Tempio Pausania.

Sardinia is a land rich in history and culture with a very hospitable population. Its territorial structure is an awesome destination for a fantastic experience in any season, but on summer becomes the ideal destination for your holiday, thanks to its beautiful beaches awarded for their beauty, cleanliness and facilities. Nature and environment, still pristine, full of colors, scents and traditions make the holiday in Sardinia an experience where you can play sports, relax, enjoy the sea and
discover unique tastes, ancient and authentic traditions.

The holiday with Luxury Holidays in Sardinia is also all this, and a lot more.

Book you Holiday in selected Villas and check the home book out that you find in your Villa or ask your Villa Manager.



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