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In Santa Margheria of Pula you can..

by luxury on 12 December 2017
In Santa Margheria of Pula you can..

Santa Margherita of Pula area is a paradise relax, but it is also an area rich in opportunities to enjoy a holiday full of emotions and adventure. The holiday at Luxury Holidays in Sardinia Villas, located in the south-west coast of Baia degli Angeli, in Santa Margherita of Pula, will give you a unique experience, to discover places, tastes and ancient traditions.

The Villas, reachable in 40 minutes from Cagliari via Strada Statale 195, are equipped with every comfort you need, and will give you a high-quality stay, so that during your vacation, you can combine the relaxation and tranquility of your home, with a lot of fun and the experiences in the surrounding area, rich in magnificent beaches with all services to experience the holiday you wish.
Thanks to the area’s unique microclimate, hot summer and mild spring and autumn, Pula is the ideal destination all year round, offering a holiday full of emotions and beauty also in May and October, when the weather is ideal for sports or hiking surrounded by nature or to discover the several archaeological sites in the area. Santa Margherita of Pula area really offers a lot of choice: a territory rich in history, from the ruins in Nora of the Nuragic civilization to the ruins of the Punic era, ancient Roman towns, easily accessible parks and forests, and landscapes where you switch from the town to the mountain in a few minutes, as well as a coast with beautiful beaches.

A horseback ride, surrounded by lush nature, the scents of the countryside and the views of a crystal blue sea, with paths selected by Luxury Holidays in Sardinia for you of different duration and length. Visit the Pula area riding is a good reason also to enjoy Sardinia in spring when the countryside offers magnificent flowering vegetation or in autumn, with a milder climate and the romantic atmosphere of autumn colors landscape.
From the Villas you can reach stunning beaches in a few minutes as the Beach of Su Guventeddu, perfect for families with children, with shallow water and preceded by a pine forest, where to stop during the hottest hours of the day, or the beach of Nora, sheltered from wind and dominated by a tower called Torre del Coltellazzo, in a wonderful scenery next to the archaeological site of Nora.
Tuerredda, regarded as the most famous beach of the south coast, Capo Malfatano, in the Punic era one it was one of the most important Carthaginian ports where we could find up to four hundreds Punic ships , today is a wild beach, with sandy seabed ideal for snorkeling discovering ancient underwater villages. Campana, located in a beautiful landscape of white sand dunes and wild lilies among the secular trees or also Cala Cipolla, romantic, sheltered and lonely. Chia’s coastline, among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea, is located 15 kilometers away from Pula towards Teulada and it has many beaches surrounded by large salt lakes with pink flamingos.

For wind lovers, the particular island’s exposure to south winds and especially the mistral, makes possible to practice both windsurfing and kitesurfing with spectacular waves that literally allow you to fly over the water. All beaches are suitable for waves lovers, although some, particularly those beaten and blown by the mistral (in our site you will find a wide selection of beaches with photos and details), are a true paradise for those who like kitesurfing and windsurfing.
Santa Margherita and Chia area are in fact the ideal destination for water sports, from surfing to kite surfing. From Villa I Pini, you can easily reach the beach of Santa Margherita, as well as Chia offering a wide exposure to the winds: North-east wind, East wind, Sirocco, Libeccio and Mistral. The beaches of Su Giudeu and Campana very popular among kiters, Cala Bernardini, with shallow waters with an emerald- green sea, and the large beach of Cala Marina with mixed sandy and stony seabed, although the favorite beach for kite lovers is definitely Maddalena beach (in the summer months, the South wind called Ostro – Libeccio (South-East) blows up to 10 to 20 knots).

Enjoy your holiday discovering trails and beaches in a jeep, magnificent trails with beautiful paths surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation that will lead you to hidden coves where to dive for a refreshing break in the blue sea. Or enjoy your bike in the paths selected by Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, as from Pula to Teulada and the enchanting view, or the path between seaside and mountains from Pula to Costa Verde, towards Iglesias, famous for its mines, which are nowadays an industrial archaeological heritage, through Nebida, with the walk called “Belvedere” and the stacks of Portu Banda, and finally the village of Masua where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Pan di Zucchero.
If you want to spend some relaxing days, and you don’t feel like driving your car, just walk the path of pines down to the private beach of the condo, riding the Luxury Holidays in Sardinia bikes or walking in the shadow of pine trees, and spend some relaxing hours in the beach lounger reserved for you by Luxury Holidays in Sardinia at SAIA beach.

Your holiday in Santa Margherita di Pula will may also give you feelings, unique flavors and aromas of food specialties, the colors and the quality of high quality craftsmanship, famous around the world. Pottery, carpets and loom works, tapestries, tablecloths, blankets, decorated pillows with stylish drawings, that characterize the Luxury Holidays in Sardinia Villas, will make your holiday in Sardinia an unforgettable experience.
During your holiday do not miss out on a visit to the historical and artistic beauties of the area, starting from the town of Pula (which on summer is animated by good music in the streets and squares and shows for kids) and the ruins of Nora, an ancient Phoenician city which became an important Roman city, for centuries one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean Sea. Today you can admire its ruins with a Roman theater, baths and temples, decorated mansions with precious mosaics. The visit to the archaeological site of Nora can be completed visiting the tower (Torre del Coltellazzo), built in the Spanish era, as part of the sighting towers system to defend the area from the Berbers raids, which offers a breathtaking view.
Close to the Nora ruins, do not miss a visit to the ancient Church of Sant’Efisio built in the eleventh century, which according to tradition was the place where St. Efisio was martyred; to the saint is (patron of Sardinia) is also dedicated the famous Cagliari Parade, every year on May 1st. In addition to the St. Efisio church, dating back to the Byzantine period (sixth century), there is the St. Raymond church (Chiesa di San Raimondo) built in 1709, the San Giovanni Battista Church, designed by Engineer Costa, the same who designed the Bastione of Saint Remy in Cagliari, and again the Sanctuary of Our Lady (Santuario della Madonna della Consolazione) at Is Molas, built by the will of Fra Nazzareno from Pula and today a pilgrimage destination.

Thirty minute drive from Villa I Pini is located Teulada with environmental features and a coastline which represent the wild heart of South Sardinia: a long succession of coves and beaches, ideal to be reached by inflatable raft or by boat, especially the most hidden and inaccessible coves. So you can enjoy a day sunbathing in Porto Tramatzu, in front of the enchanting Isola Rossa, and surrounded by a turquoise and transparent sea, and take a dive at Cala Zafferano, accessible only from the sea, and surrounded by crystal clear waters, lush Mediterranean vegetation and dunes .
Porto Pirastu of Teulada immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation and dominated by the former mine of Monte Lapanu, which you can also visit by boat tours , with departures from Porto Teulada and Chia (ask your Villa Manager, and you will have the customized tour that suits you).
In addition to the historical and artistic beauties, for a funny and at the same time educational afternoon you could visit the Centro Recupero Cetacei e Tartarughe Marine “Laguna di Nora” (Rescue Centre Cetaceans and Sea Turtles) created to welcome, treat and rehabilitate sea turtles beached or with some difficulty. Expert guides will lead you to discover an unique environment where you will also learn how to recognize the perfumed essences of the Mediterranean scrub and several species that live in the Mediterranean Sea.
A real paradise, especially for kids. Here you can have fun discovering the flora and fauna of the area, a tour in the large lagoon of Nora, where you can also experience a rich ecosystem with canoe tours, both for adults and children. Or discovering of pink flamingos on the salt ponds near the sea, looking for hermit crabs, crabs and shells on the rocks and in the surrounding beaches, where it is not uncommon to see also goats, cows and horses!

Sardinia has an ancient winemaking tradition, which combined with the proximity to the sea and the mild climate, give this wine unique characteristics. A tour of the wineries of the area is a must for good wine lovers , and among them: Cantina Mesa in Sant’Anna Arresi, 40 km from the Condo Comunione Pineta Is Morus (where Villa I Pini is located); the winery looks like a hyper-modern building, minimalist, surrounded by the hills of Porto Pino covered of green vegetation. An opportunity to spend a day between modern design and aging cellars of French oak barrels, concrete tanks and steel tanks. The famous Cantina 6 Mura besides producing excellent Carignano del Sulcis is an exhibition space and hosts cultural events. And more Cantina di Santadi, since the 1960s, known for excellent wines like Terre Brune, and Rocca Rubia and those of Sardus Pater in Sant’Antioco and Argiolas and Pala in Serdiana.

In the area of Pula there is the Park of Pixina Manna and inside the WWF reserve of Monte Arcosu: 4000 hectares of wild mountains consisting of a lush vegetation and populated by deer, fallow deer, wild boars, wild cats, golden eagles and peregrine falcons (there are also Tyrrhenian painted frogs and the Sardinian machaon, typical of Sardinia). Walking through narrow valleys crossed by streams and steep slopes will be an enchanting and relaxing experience.

For those who are looking for an adrenaline-filled day, near Pula there is a 13.000 square meters Leisure Park, where to have fun with rope bridges, cables, ropes, nets and walkways (where is possible to jump from tree to tree), suspended platforms, suitable for both adults and children, who will have fun safely. In fact, the park has many trails for children (as well as for adults and disabled guests) useful to combine sport, fun, respect and knowledge of the region.
Another kind of park is Blufan near Pula, one step away from Villa I Pini, a real paradise for children and adults (who can enjoy themselves in an extreme safety) ideal to have a good time with family and friends. Each year Blufan is rewarded in the “Waterpark Awards” rankings, for the best children’s entertainment with a rich program of activities and games studied for kids, and also for the animation for adults as foam parties, underwater treasure hunts and all kind of sports. There is also a special area, where you can drink a fresh cocktail or have lunch, lying down comfortably in your beach lounger at the poolside, but with the privacy and tranquility of a private area.

In many places around Pula, where the ecosystem is still untouched you can enjoy yourself with horse sharing. Sardinia has in fact an ancient tradition of horse rearing. Horseback riding on the beaches, or along the ancient paths which lead to the sea, or in the pine forests of eucalyptus trees, myrtle bushes and helichrysum, will enable you to breathe sheer and beneficial sea breeze of the island and have a relaxing day discovering the area.
If you are looking for a different day, discovering Sardinian history, you can definitely not miss a guided tour of the mines of which the southern Sardinia is littered with! Including very beautiful places such as Minere Rosas, with the multimedia museum, Miniera di Serbariu (where there is also the Coal Mining Museum, Museo del carbone), the first modern coal mine in Sardinia. And also Miniera di San Giovanni with the charming cave of Santa Barbara, accessible by a tunnel system with a little train that will take you inside the cave. Finally Porto Flavia at Masua, in front of the rock of Pan di Zucchero, one of the most important sites from the historical point of view, which has one of the most beautiful views of the island.
The coast around Luxury Holidays in Sardinia Villas is rich in services including several dog beaches , that in our Villas are always welcome. Among these, the Dog Beach at Sa Canna in Teulada, that one in Porto Pino Sant’Anna Arresi, Calasetta, and finally the Dog Beach Fontanamare in Gonnesa.

A lot of activities to choose during your holidays besides water sports, from trekking to golf at Is Molas Golf Club. Is Molas, with 27 holes, among the top ten golf clubs in Italy, located near Pula, a step away from Villa I Pini. Is Molas, thanks to its proximity to the sea and protected by the hills, offers an unique microclimate, mild and particularly suitable for golf all year round.
Is Molas championship course is considered one of the most technically satisfying and spectacular courses not just in Italy, but in the whole Mediterranean area. The nine holes of the Yellow Course, the most difficult to play, have been laid out by Franco Piras, Gary Player Design’s representative in Italy. The presence, along the course, of all the typical species of Sardinia’s native flora and the Mediterranean scrub makes Is Molas Golf Club a beautiful garden with a view of the sea. The Club House is elegant and well- equipped: there is a bar with a panoramic terrace, a pro shop and a restaurant, which offers a creative Mediterranean cuisine based on local Sardinian products. It is possible to hire a cart, set of clubs and other equipment. The Is Molas Golf Club is also the seat of the Dan Williamson Academy, where golf lessons and courses can be booked. Contact your Villa Manager, and Luxury Holidays in Sardinia will handle your booking of the greens to get the most out of your luxury holiday in Sardinia.

If, however, you want to enjoy yourself playing tennis with your wife or with your friend, you just have to reach the condo courts a few steps from Villa I Pini, and enjoy the game. While your children play safely in the baby park around the courts.

All this (and more) is Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, a company which invests in its human resources in order to have a competent staff of high profile, and which invests in real estate and its related services, with the awareness to improve a fantastic island like Sardinia.
Now, you are lying in the magnificent private beach of Villa I Pini, or relaxed in the veranda of your Villa and at the same time you have at your command, every desirable comfort and fun; you spiritually reborn with a cold beer in the bar of the Villa I Pini condo after a good tennis match with your friend. The possibility of discovering new distractions, to live every moment full of sensations (as enjoy yourself playing golf or riding a mountain bike, while your children play safely in the villa’s garden and your wife reads a book in the sofa of the spacious and fresh veranda).
Enjoy the romantic sunset with your partner in the beach lounger by the sea, drinking a refreshing cocktail while your friends are preparing a barbecue in your Villa. This and more is what awaits you at the Villas of Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, to feel right at home and have fun as you wish.
The holiday in Sardinia can be also an opportunity to discover a wild territory immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation: Luxury Holidays in Sardinia select for you a lot of itineraries to discover the beautiful inland villages which still have many ancient traditions or naturalistic itineraries as Zuddas Caves (Grotte di Zuddas), Is Cannoneris forest, Pixina Manna, Rio Alinu Falls.
Thanks to the diversified conformation of the island landscape, it is possible to engage in relaxing trips on mountain bike between coasts, sea and hills; starting from your Villa you can enjoy fabulous places and carry out at the same time varied paths, ideal for training.
The routes for mountain bikers are spread all over the territory, from the simplest ones to the most tortuous and demanding, to immerse yourself in nature with pleasant and carefree rides which regenerate your body and your soul. Helped by the mild climate, cycling can be practiced in Sardinia all year round.

The holiday at Luxury Holidays in Sardinia Villas will give you an unforgettable experience, where you will be spoilt for choice on how you want to spend your vacation days. Choose to live Sardinia in contact with its ancient traditions and its magnificent natural beauty, to discover places and flavors, immersed in a paradise of fun and relax.

Do not wait, book your holiday in Sardinia, with Luxury Holidays in Sardinia.

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