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How to take care of your Villa

by luxury on 12 December 2017
How to take care of your Villa

All owners of Villas used as holiday homes, whether they’re villas or townhouses, know the pleasure to spend time at their Villa.
Sometimes, it happens you do not have the option to carry out small repairs all over the year.

Also the garden needs care, unless you don’t want to make good impression to your guest!
Some properties are built with less modern techniques, showing accumulation of paint and detachments of tint; in worst cases, you come to the detachment of a few mm of plaster.
Properties have their own ventilation system, but how to take care of it from afar?
To leave the windows open for 11 months is certainly not a good solution because it could also allow the entrance of small animals that would find your vacation home inviting throughout the winter; but don’t worry : if you follow a few precautions, your home will be safe from unwanted guests.

Firstly, install mosquito nets.
Secondly (if natural ventilation is not sufficient) install dehumidifiers to prevent the stagnation of paint.

The garden is always a critical aspect of a Villa as it leaves little choice for a proper management.
Dedicating the first few days of vacation to gardening is one of the most practiced solutions, but the result is directly proportional to factors such as Time, Skills and Money.
Modest skills always leads to poor results; outsourcing the work to a professional willl grant you a perfect garden and a enjoyable holiday, although it implies an annual ” token” for the service.

The most economical solution that guarantees a tidy garden is undoubtedly that of maintaining it on a regular basis (monthly or bi-monthly visits and workmanlike manner); the flora will follow its natural seasonal course without being invaded by weeds (plants, insects or vermin). However, it is not always easy to find who to entrust the job.

Even the furniture is frequently leaved behind, since most of the owners to keep costs down choose cheap and little functional furniture. Low-cost furniture ages prematurely, because of the poor materials used.
When you choose furniture for your Villa, the first step should be to contact a Professional (Architect, Interior Designer , etc.) which may suggest more functional distribution of the forniture.

Beyond these small steps, you also have the “duty” to choose the “pieces ” to be placed in the house now empty; the choice becomes more difficult as long as it involves both personal taste and prices.
Always keep a cool head and choose the most suitable materials maintaining a clear line style guide .
Some rooms can be furnished more or less fanciful than the rest of the house, but the important thing is that there is no confusion about the type of style.

Price is always the worst part, because it often exceeds the budget previously decided; it is always possible to make some sacrifices and opt for solutions of medium quality.

If you can’t stay on budget, you can ask for a deal to all the shopkeepers and craftsmen involved in the restoration.


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