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How to choose the right Villa for your luxury holiday in Sardinia – Part One

by luxury on 12 December 2017
How to choose the right Villa for your luxury holiday in Sardinia – Part One

Choosing a Villa for your holiday (even a Luxury Villa) for the whole family is never a simple task, both for the the responsibility that this entails and for the role the Villa plays during their holiday. What initially may seem like a pleasant hobby could steal a lot of time until you find the perfect Villa for your holiday in Sardinia.

To find the right Villa, you must know exactly what you’re looking for, what services you need to enjoy your vacation in Sardinia and the budget available for the Villa.
The first choice to make is to decide who you want to interact with during your holiday and choose who to trust : Private owners, Real Estate Agents, Tour Operators, Real Estate Managers, we try to make things clear once for all :

Choose a private.

There are lots of owners who rent their vacation home in the periods in which they choose not to use it; some of these owners care with particular attention to the maintenance of their own apartment (or house) to make it available to people who wish to spend a luxury holiday. Unfortunately, there are few owners who make themselves available for any request.
When you rent a Villa of a private you must know exactly what you’re buying.
When you choose your holiday home, you don’t know if everything works well:

you should be informed that every summer in Sardinia there is the ration of the water, so it’s fundamental that the Villa is equipped with water supply for a shower or for cooking. Do you know if bathrooms have been sanitized or if the the stove has been revised. As you can imagine, you are entrusting the fate of your holiday in Sardinia to a private citizen who is not required to comply with quality standards : this means that a very important variable of your holiday in Sardinia is represented by the owner of the holiday home (or villa) and his correctness.

The price of your stay is often decided by the owners of the holiday home according to what they think it’s the right fee to “allow” a stranger to use their holiday home: this means you will find on the web quotes disproportionate to the actual value of the house or holiday Villa.

Consult Realtors or Real Estate Agents to rent your Villa

“Art. 1754 : It is a mediator the one that connects two or more parties to conclude a deal, without being tied to any of them in relations, dependency or representation ”

This definition comes from the Civil Code of the Italian Law and it defines quite explicitly the role of the Real Estate Agent in your holiday in Sardinia:
contacting you and the home owner to book the accomodation for the holiday.
The Real Estate Agent is a great way to find the Villa you need for your holiday in Sardinia; you have to remember that the Real Estate Agent NOT intervene on the property during your holiday in Sardinia because it is the owner of the vacation home or villa that has the burden of ensuring the functionality of all amenities, so if something does not work or fails, you’ll have to call the Realtor who will call the owner of the vacation home or villa which, in turn, needs to be addressed to find a craftsman available to act as prior at the cheapest price.

Booking a holiday home or villa for your holiday in Sardinia through a Real Estate Agency or contacting a private owner, will expose you to the same risks (in the case of the Real Estate Agency, you don’t even know the owner).

However, if you rent a vacation home or a Villa with a Realtor, you can be sure that the price of the holiday is in line with market prices for the type of Villa you choose.


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