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High Quality Villas in Sardinia

by luxury on 12 December 2017
High Quality Villas in Sardinia

High quality Villas, is not an expression, it is what we really offer.

We only select for you Villas with top quality features which enable, after our intervention and when combined with our services, a real luxury experience for Your luxury holiday in Sardinia.

The choice of the Villa is the first step in order to offer an high quality holiday. Thanks to our technical / architectural skills we can “see” the Villas beyond appearances; the position according to the solar cycle is the main feature, in Sardinia the sun shines pretty much every day of the year, the layout of the rooms is designed to follow the solar cycle in order to guarantee a natural lighting for most of the day in all areas of the Villa.
The wellness offered by the natural light is one of the features of Your luxury holiday in one of our Villas; live the day – night solar cycle fosters relaxation and the balance of your own sleep- wake cycle, after a few days in one of our Villas (just enough time to familiarize yourself ) ou will wake up with a lot of energy and you will sleep soundly so that you can have the rest you are looking for in your luxury holiday in Sardinia.

The position of doors and windows of all Villas we have chosen has been studied according to the dominant winds of the area, for this you can immerse yourself in this pleasant weather in Sardinia and you can enjoy all year round a breezy Villa, always fresh and able to guarantee the comfort you are looking for in the Villa for your luxury holiday in Sardinia.
All doors and windows are equipped with comfortable mosquito nets and feel the sea breeze inside the Villa with no worries about insects.
All the Villas we have selected are usually located within the range of 500 meters from the sea, this allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the sea breeze without having worries about the intensity of the wind and humidity.

It’s the little things that make the difference, we are very careful about this because our primary goal is to provide a top level quality stay during Your luxury holiday in Sardinia in one of the Villas we have selected.
During the preparation of the Villa we care about any details that home owners usually ignore, we know where to look and we know how to intervene; the gardens must guarantee You, Your family and your pets the privacy and security related to your need for a truly relaxing holiday.

The systems efficiency of the Villas is tested several times, if the efficiency does not meet the high standards we have (because you’ll have to feel good during Your holiday in Sardinia) we replace and improve the systems, whether they are air conditioning ( which must guarantee high efficiency and no noise) or systems concerning hot water.
It should certainly pointed out that the Villas we have selected are ALL equipped with big water resources thanks to which during the summer, when the whole area have rationed water, when you come back home from the sea you can take a shower with no worries about time it is or anything else, because we care about what you need for your holiday in Sardinia in a total relax.
Inside the Villas, in all comfortable kitchens, the furniture is wooden and handmade in Sardinia, all the appliances are brand new or anyway at the top of their efficiency.
The large slabs of the kitchens, all finished with the best marbles of Sardinia, will permit you a handy preparation of all your favorite dishes, the fire plan allows the simultaneous preparation up to 4 specialties and the silent hood gets rid of unwanted odors in a really short time .
The dishwasher has been tested several rimes and is ready to be used, you will save a lot of time instead of washing dishes, all amenities are at your disposal for Your luxury holiday in Sardinia, this is one of the benefits you cannot forget choosing a Villa in Sardinia.

The spacious living room, in the case of Villa I Pini and Casa Due Archi also equipped with a fireplace, have been designed and furnished to guarantee you the relaxation you need both if you want to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix on your 47 “lcd Philips TV and in case you prefer to read a book immersed in a total silence.

All external spaces, whether gardens or verandas, have been decorated and furnished for Your luxury holiday in Sardinia, chairs and natural wood tables were chosen to ensure your maximum comfort during meals and during your moments of relaxation at home.
The bedrooms are all equipped with orthopedic slatted frames and high quality mattresses, a comfortably sleep is a very important part of your holiday in Sardinia, in the Villas we have selected you will finally find what you need for your luxury holiday in Sardinia.

An high quality Villa and so much more, do not miss the opportunity to spend Your luxury holiday in Sardinia in one of the Villas we have selected for summer 2016, in one of the last weeks still available.


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