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Cala Sinzias pearl of the South East Coast

by luxury on 12 December 2017
Cala Sinzias pearl of the South East Coast

Cala Sinzias is the pearl of the south east coast of Sardinia, a place truly still unspoilt in all its beauty, the ideal place for your luxury holiday in Sardinia.
Cala Sinzias is located a few km away from the most popular beaches of Costa Rei and Villasimius.

Cala Sinzias gives its name to beach of Cala Sinzias, a long, wide beach of white sand ending in a crystalline sea with ranging tonalities from aqua green to blue.
The crystal and clear waters slowly degrade. In its most southern part the beach, shape a small natural inlet that creates a peaceful oasis, even during windy days.
Along the coast of Cala Sinzias, there are several beach clubs where you can find beach umbrellas, sun loungers, bars, restaurants, and everything you need for your relax moments on the beach; in Villa Granito and Villa Panorama beach towels are ready for you, the nearest beach resort is a 5-minute walk from Villa Granito, everything is ready for your luxury holiday in Sardinia.



Cala Sinzias has been honored with important awards by numerous regulatory agencies as “Goletta Verde”, for the quality of its waters and of the cleanliness of the beach, but further and more important recognition to this wonderful place was given by Mother Nature itself!
In fact, on summer 2014 Cala Sinzias has enjoyed a spectacle of nature, the sea turtle Caretta Caretta, a protected species and endangered in the Italian waters of the Mediterranean Sea, has chosen this location to lay its eggs.
We at Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, definitely love Sardinia, the whole island, and we have the expertise to select the best locations and the most suitable Villas to ensure the luxury holiday that you definitely need.
Cala Sinzias is amazing. The perfect combination of nature and sea have given us a clear reason why to the identification of best available Villas to guarantee a superior level of comfort.

Villa Granito has proved to be one of our best choices; Villa Panorama is ready and available for your luxury holiday in Sardinia.
The granite which integrally covers the Villa is a zero kilometers product, and with its quality represents Sardinia in the world; energy performances are perfect to ensure the heat transfer with the solar cycles in the right time, the layout and the shape allows to have fresh rooms in the evening and a cool room for breakfast and lunch, or if you prefer take advantage of the large and fully equipped veranda where there is also an efficient BBQ.
Villa Granito furnishings is top level, handcrafted products of the highest quality that exceed the comparison with the best luxury villas in the famous Costa Smeralda, all the parts have been studied by Luxury Holidays in Sardinia specialists, to guarantee the best functionality during your luxury holiday.
The realization was followed and carried out by one of the most skilled craftsmen of Sardinia, you will find in every room of Villa Granito the experience of three generations in the production of customized furniture.
The furniture style enhances the architecture of the Villa, fresh, modern colors combined with the latest electrical appliances (all in Class A, built-in furniture, very silent): from the kitchen to the bathroom to guarantee you the maximum comfort and relax in your luxury holiday in Sardinia, which is truly impossible to find in any other Villa.


For some people, size matters, for us what really matter is You; Villa Granito is a small oasis surrounded by nature, beautiful in every detail: the big TV Philips LCD 47 “gives you the opportunity to see your favorite movie in HD, the comfortable sofas in the classic Sardinian-style craft, handmade as the rest of the equipment in the Villa (from pillows to the curtains, from table lamps to the furnishings) will embrace you in your moments of relaxation in the Villa.
If Villa Granito is not enough for your family or all your friends, we have a new solution: Villa Panorama.
High quality furnishings complete a spectacular and refined Villa, equipped with every comfort and with top level details and finishes. Villa Panorama shares with Villa Granito all the exclusive services that we at Luxury Holidays in Sardinia offer, because yours, must be the best experience of your luxury holiday in Sardinia.
The garden, larger than Villa Granito, and the great naturalness that surrounds it allows you to spend a luxury holiday in total relaxation, try Villa Panorama for Your holiday in Sardinia.

Nature in Cala Sinzias overlooks the places, the typical essences of Sardinia as strawberry trees and mastic trees dominate the landscape and with their fragrances carry you to discover Sardinia and its best between land and sea.
The local flavors are an important part of your luxury holiday in Sardinia, from the typical Sardinian baked bread in a wood oven (the hot cifraxiu, which you can taste every morning), up to meat and vegetables, natural and producted in the area (so really zero kilometers products).

The Pro Loco of Castiadas, municipality which heads the entire area of Cala Sinzias, has always been very active in organizing events aimed to promote the genuine flavors of Sardinia and the most exclusive craft, at Villa Granito you will find the Sardinia event schedule, so that during your holiday in Sardinia, you will just have to choose what you prefer to do, everything for you will be on hand.
The only thing that will keep you from spending your luxury holiday in Sardinia at Villa Granito or Villa Panorama is just to find them already booked!

So don’t wait, book now your holiday in Sardinia with Luxury Holidays in Sardinia, discover Villa Granito and Villa Panorama.



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